Narrative Strategy
for Digital Design




At Story by Design we bring the tools of screenwriting and dramatic construction to Conversational Interface and UX Design.
We invite you to go beyond functionality and focus in on creating enduring, generative and unique relationships with your users.

Using pioneering techniques, we bring clarity to the emotional experience of your user. We then work with you to sculpt dynamic online and mobile experiences based on a full understanding of the role you play in your users' lives. 




We believe interweaving research and testing throughout the product cycle is essential to creating things people love.

To this end we begin every engagement with a deep dive into what’s working and what’s not. Every client brings unique requirements and goals so we customize a research protocol that brings to light your opportunities for creating stronger relationships with your users. We then take this roadmap into the writers’ room to craft the language, tone, script and flow for all points of contact between you and your users.


Analytics aren't empathy. 


Let us help you MAKE IT HUMAN.




Our combined decades of experience in the film and television industries has developed in us a deep narrative intuition we bring to our design practice.



Lizzy Bentley

Lizzy specializes in scripting conversational interface and unifying content strategy around emotionally resonant experiences. Her practice spans film and digital projects bringing innovative research methods and narrative strategies to products, services and entertainment. Lizzy’s clients have included Farmers Insurance, Rubin Postaer and Associates, the O’Neal Strategy Group, Alaska’s General Communications and the Information Architecture Institute.

An award winning screenwriter/producer, Lizzy’s current film, RADEGUND (Director, Terrence Malick) will be in theaters in 2018. Her previous films have been invited to Cannes, Sundance, the Berlinale, the New York Film Festival and MoMA. Her script for NANKING was short-listed for an Academy Award in the documentary category in 2007.

She received her MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts and her AB from Harvard University.


Arge Photo.jpg

Arge O’Neal

Arge cut his teeth as an editor on THE PRACTICE and THE WEST WING and has worked since then on shows as diverse as MONK, HOUSE and GOLIATH. Arge’s deep experience creating emotionally salient moments and his ability to guide users’ attention with anticipation rather than instruction give him a unique set of tools for crafting interaction.

Arge loves bringing lessons learned from mentors like David Kelly, David Milch and Aaron Sorkin to interaction design. Harnessing time, tempo, rhythm, expectation and engagement are benefits Arge brings to the process.

He received his MFA from the UCLA film school where he studied under Richard Marks and his BA from Yale University.




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